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Public Address System

SPS designs and installs simple and complex sound systems using a wide range of components from PASO of Italy. PASO is one of the few enterprises in this field able to boast their own original in – house design and manufacturing system for a full range of products, from the most complex and sophisticated equipment to the simplest accessories.

Technical standards are not mandatory but become binding in all applications which are subject to the legislative and/or regulatory provisions that require the use of a sound broadcasting system for both emergencies and voice alarms (hospitals, schools, shopping centres, offices, theatres, sports centres, hotels and, more generally, any spaces that are not familiar to the occupants and that have a significant public presence).

PASO Multi-Zone Voice/Music Control System is developed for easy installation and operation in a wide range of applications where background music distribution, speech announcement  and  pre-recorded messages are requested. Through simple and economic CAT5 or CAT6 Cables a large Network of Master Control Units and Slave Control Units can be made to extend the System up to 216 Zones. And all these Zones can be managed centrally and locally.

The main advantages of using PASO PA/VA System are:
  • Multiple Building Central and Local control
  • Flexible and Expandable
  • Easy Software Programming
  • Installation Cost Saving due to Cable Length and Section Reduction
  • Voice and Pre-recorded message distribution
  • Background music distribution
  • Freely Programmable I/O Contacts
  • Interconnection with PMS2000 Voice Evacuation System for application according to EN60849 Standard
  • In accordance with the new regulations about control and voice alarm systems in case of fire (EN54-16), PASO offers the new compact system PA8506-V which is designed for easy installation and operation in a wide range of application where both emergency voice alarm systems and public address systems are required.
  • PASO has a range of speakers that are made in Italy