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Master Clock System

Sps offers its clients master clock control systems from mobatime of switzerland, one of the most experienced developers and manufacturers of industrial clocks and time distribution systems in the industry.

mobatime has acquired a worldwide reputation for its innovative skills, the reliability of its products and the quality of its services.

Mobatime devotes more than 10% of its turnover to research and development and has developed a completely computerized master timing centre mtc. Through a complete new time system called mobaline, it is considered to be one of the most sophisticated time distribution
systems currently available in the market.

MOBALine is a one-way two wire data transmission system designed for secure data transmission with simultaneous supply of the end units connected to it. Thanks to simple demodulation, optimized for microprocessors, the hardware costs of the terminals can be considerably lowered. The new self-setting slave clock movements are radio synchronized by MOBALine. This guarantees not only the absolute correct time, but also an immediate, automatic season change-over.

MOBALine is Maintenance-free thanks to its self-setting capabilities! No re-setting problems for clocks with difficult access. Additionally, battery change is not necessary. Power is supplied to terminals through the already installed 2-low voltage wired lines.

NTP – Time over Ethernet ToE the innovative way to distribute time to clock systems, IT infrastructures, buildings and security technology.
Nowadays new installations of time systems and clocks are network-based; they rely on the existing LAN-cabling. Within this standard the NTP (Network Time Protocol) is the reliable time standard for the synchronization of clocks as well as for the time reference of IT-sub-systems.

MOBATIME is capable to distribute high-precision time in an easy way, without additional cabling, by providing its DTS products and LAN clocks. DTS (Distributed Time System) devices are MOBATIME master clocks and time servers to distribute the exact time in LAN/WAN applications via NTP protocol. There can be unlimited No. of Slave Clocks on LAN.

MOBATIME has recently introduced MOBA-NMS. This is network management software that facilitates configuration, monitoring and administration of the entire time system – including master and slave clocks – on one application platform. It is designed to handle/configure more than 1000 devices per network at the same time.

SLAVE (Secondary) Clocks

MOBATIME product line consists of a very strong range of Slave Clocks offering both analog and digital in various design and sizes suitable for both Indoor and Outdoor applications to meet any requirement of a project. Furthermore, MOBATIME is capable to manufacture custom clocks to meet the specific needs of our clients.

Wireless Time Distribution (Wtd)

The innovative Radio Clock System is based on a Transmitter which sends the time signal (868MHz) to the end devices (i.e. Clocks). The End devices are equipped with a WTD movement or with a special WTD receiver module. The WTD transmitter is synchronized either by a Standard Master Clock, by a modern NTP Time Server or by a GPS or DCF 77 receiver directly.

Advantages of WTD System
  • No Cabling as wireless synchronization
  • Distribution over large distances (100 to 200 meters depending on Building Structure)
  • Extension of distances by using Repeaters
  • Compatible to Norm AFNOR NFS 87500