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IP Telephone System (VOIP)

SPS has capitalized itself with the team of experts that can provide complete solution for Voice / Telephony covering Analogue, Digital, IP Telephony or Hybrid solutions.

IP (Internet Protocol) is the medium by which most data communications are now carried. IP Telephony and VoIP have been around for some years now and it is growing day by day.

SPS in cooperation with AVAYA is capable of offering feature rich IP telephony solutions that will enhance employee productivity and reduce communication costs.

SPS scalable IP telephony solutions offer the same high quality communications whether an enterprise has a few or 100,000 users. Our flexible architecture offers an unparalleled range
of deployment options.

Our wide range of resiliency tools minimizes costs and maximizes
reliability. IP telephony solutions provided by SPS include but not limited to the following:

  • Installed Base Solutions
  • New Site Deployment Solutions
  • IP and TDM connectivity Solutions
  • SIP Connectivity Solutions
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Unified Management