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Intrusion Alarm System

SPS represents a full range of Honeywell intrusion alarm solutions that covers all types and sizes of facilities that require an effective means of detecting break-ins.

The risk of loss through burglary, theft or criminal damage has steadily increased over the years.

Intrusion alarms are widely accepted as a necessary part of everyday life for the safety and protection of employees, property, homes, and possessions. SPS is aware that crime can totally disrupt a business and its profits. That is why we stand behind the quality products from Honeywell to meet our client’s intrusion alarm needs.

  • Wide range of computerized control panels that can support up to 64 Zones.
  • Wired & Wireless Systems
  • Available with GSM module
  • The system detects any tampering with the telephone line
  • Intrusion alarm detectors are available in many different types e.g. door contact detectors, motion detectors, and many other sensors that can be either wireless or wired depending on the application