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Background Music System

SPS provides consulting, design, and installation of Background Music systems. A background music system provides sound to create atmosphere in a venue, and is usually used for music or media playback. A background music sound system would commonly be installed in venues such as restaurants, hotels, shopping centres, retail stores, airports, sports centres, and gymnasiums.

A background music system would commonly consist of flush mount, surface mount and/or pendant mount speakers. Depending on the brand specified and the fixtures, any combination of these speakers can be used. Not only is a background music system for music or media playback, with the right quality and capability of speakers, the system can also be used as a paging / public address system (PA system).

When designing a background music system, we essentially consider how the venue is to be used, as well as the mood that is trying to be created.

We believe that a well designed and installed background music system can make any environment more comfortable and complement the mood of the venue. For example, customers may linger longer, ordering more products when the mood is comfortable and relaxing.