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Access Control System

SPS designs and installs simple and complex Access Control Systems using a wide range of Honeywell products. The diverse range of Honeywell products allows companies to choose almost any common form of existing ID technology for access point recognition. Some of the options include swipe cards and/or keypads as well as more sophisticated readers such as proximity cards and State-of-the-art biometric readers for fingerprints.

All user access information is gathered by a central PC-based workstation where the administrators may retrieve and analyse the information. This data provides a recording of staff movement within an organization, whether it is a small company or a company that employs thousands.

Access control systems are security devices that monitor and control entry of an unauthorized person to premises. Because keys can be easily duplicated, these systems are the best way to keep track of who is entering the restricted area. Companies requiring high levels of security and access to certain areas may now better manage and monitor protection and quickly respond to security breaches by utilizing Honeywell Access Control Systems.

Access Control Systems supplied and installed by SPS are computerized and can be remotely controlled and monitored through LAN, WAN and the Internet.


The PRO4200 professional series can be managed through WIN-PAK® integrated security software for more advanced features such as video integration, advance reporting, rules and photo badging, elevator control , touch-less access and mobile credential management.

Supporting up to 18 doors per enclosure and 34 doors per intelligent controller along with up to 100,000 card capacity, PRO4200 Series provide a combination of small installation footprint and superior cost per door ratio.

The new PRO42IC Intelligent Controller provides I/O support for 2 Doors *. The PRO42R1 provides I/O support for one card access reader, while the PRO42R2 support two card access readers. Both interface with the intelligent control module (PRO42IC).

In the event that communication to the intelligent control module is lost, the card access readers be individually configured to allow entrance based on security needs. This customization allow or a be configured as secured, locked and unlocked. PRO4200 modules provide latest bi-directional and
strong encrypted OSDP communication with the Access Control readers.

For legacy and retrofit installations, Wiegand format is still supported.
The PRO4200 Series of access modules are designed to accommodate various mounting options. Units can be mounted in a rack configuration (PRO22ENC1, PRO22ENC2 and PRO22EC5) when space is limited, or in a tile-mount configuration (PRO22ENC3).